You can check zofran pills if the child has a hearing impairment at home using thiscalled a whispering speech. Normally, a person hears a whisper across the room (six or more meters). When your child is busy playing, try to whisper to him from a distance of at least six meters. If the child hears you and turns around, his hearing is normal. If you haven't responded, call again - maybe the baby is too keen on the game, and the problem at the moment is not hearing impairment at all. But if he does not hear you, come a little closer - and so on until the child definitely hears you. You will know the distance from which the child hears a whispering speech.

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If this distance is less than six meters and you are sure that the child did not react to your voice, not because he was too carried away, but precisely because of zofran pills, you should urgently seek the advice of a doctor. The urgency is explained by the fact that hearing impairment occurs for various reasons (not only through the fault of the adenoids). One of the reasons is neuritis. If the neuritis has just begun, the matter can still be corrected, but if you delay, the child may remain deaf for life.

As a rule, there are simultaneously enlarged adenoids and hypertrophied tonsils. Moreover, the tonsils in some children are so enlarged that they almost close with each other; it is clear that a child with such tonsils has problems swallowing food. But the main thing is that the child is not able to breathe freely either through the nose or through the mouth.

And it often happens that breathing difficulties make the baby wake up at night. He wakes up fearing that he buy ondansetron. Such a child is more likely than other children to be nervous and without mood. It is necessary to immediately consult with an otolaryngologist, who will decide when and where to remove the adenoids and cut the tonsils.

Overly enlarged adenoids and tonsils can also cause bedwetting in a child. One or two nightly "troubles" that have happened to the child does not mean bedwetting. But if this phenomenon is observed constantly, you should consult a doctor. 

Decreased school performance. It has been proven that with difficulty in nasal breathing, the human body does not receive up to 12-18% oxygen. Therefore, a child suffering from nasal breathing difficulties due to adenoids has a constant lack of oxygen, and, above all, the brain suffers.

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  • Frequent otitis media. Adenoid growths disrupt the normal functioning of the middle ear, as they block the mouth of the auditory tube.
  • This creates favorable conditions for the penetration and development of infection in the middle ear.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract - pharyngitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis. With the growth of adenoid tissue, chronic inflammation develops in it.
  • This leads to a constant production of mucus or pus, which drains into the underlying respiratory system. Passing along the mucous membrane, they cause inflammatory processes - pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx), laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx), tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea) and bronchitis (inflammation of the bronchi).
  • These are only the most noticeable and frequent disorders that occur in the child's body in the presence of adenoid vegetations. In fact, the spectrum of pathological changes that cause adenoids is much wider.

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